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Anonymous asked
Any theories as to who wrote the book? Do you think we've seen clues throughout the series?



I want to give a disclaimer first of all and say that Regina is wrong about this, okay - the book does not make things happen, it records things that have happened. Thus if the villains don’t get happy endings, it’s because they’ve done villainous things and there are consequences to their actions, not because ‘the book says so’. I mean what the heck even is that about, it’s better than murdering Marian or something but it’s still such a weird form of denial, Regina.

However, we do know that the book is magic - just in other ways. We don’t know a ton about the book, but here is what I’ve gathered:

  • it appeared in Mary-Margaret’s closet not long before Emma’s 28th birthday
  • it contains the (possibly simplified) stories of most people who played a part in Snowing’s story and the first curse being case
  • notable exceptions: Rumple, Pinocchio, Frankenstein
    • Rumple’s involvement seems to have been downplayed, as the usually very perceptive Henry can’t figure out who he is in S1
    • Victor was not from the EF, perhaps that’s why he’s not in the book (though Jefferson’s Wonderland experience is in the book, his homeland is the EF)
    • Pinocchio, AKA August, was able to take the book apart and add his own story in without any problems, though this may have been due to the lack of magic in town at the time
  • Emma was holding the book when she got her memories back in S1
  • After the second curse was cast, the book was missing. When searching for it, Emma was unable to find it, but Snow White was able
  • Henry regained his memories by holding the book
  • When sent back into the past, thereby setting up an alternate timeline, the book became blank until the story had been told again - at which point it added Emma and Killian

There are a couple points of discussion here. First of all, the whole thing with the time-travel tells us that the book is capable of altering itself in order to reflect the story as it changes. This speaks of self-sustaining magic built into it, which in turn hints that the author is not merely impossibly knowledgeable, but also magical themselves.

Another aspect of the built-in magic seems to be the role it plays as a “key” to breaking the Dark Curse. It doesn’t make people believe - but once they’ve started to do so, it seems to help them recover memories, as shown with Emma and Henry. Graham also started to remember after reading his story in the book, or at least the process started by Emma’s kiss certainly seemed to speed up.

The book is clearly linked to the first Dark Curse. It’s all about the event leading up to the first one, it shows up during the Curses, it helps the Curses be broken… it almost seems as though it’s a part of the curse itself, like the destructo-diamond loophole. However, the specific machinations related to which stories are not told (Rumple and August in particular) suggests a singular author rather than a general ‘magic did it’.

But more than the DC, the book seems linked to Snow White. The DC is in a lot of ways Snow’s story, after all, and more telling, the book appears in her room both times. The second time, Emma isn’t able to find it but Snow can. That suggests to me that the book was made with Snow in mind.


So that’s some general book thoughts. Now, as to the author’s identity - it’s a mystery at this point. There are three people whom I’ve linked to the book as possible authors while watching the show (these are just personal theories of course):

1) August W. Booth AKA Pinocchio. I thought in S1 that he might have written the book, because he is an author and he made it his job to convince Emma of the truth. However, if that were true, he would’ve but his story in from the beginning. He also is not personally able to use magic, and was a young boy during the second curse in any case. He also had no way of knowing everything the book tells us. Status: Debunked.

2) Rumple. As the creator of the Dark Curse, anything strongly linked to it is naturally worth questioning. The book’s existence, as a vital part of the curse breaking, certainly fits into Rumple’s desires for the first curse. This would also explain why his own role seems to have been downplayed; Rumple is clever enough to understand the value of being mysterious or flying under the radar. He wasn’t able to recreate/restore the book after the second curse - however if he had already magically tied its existence to the curse it’s possible he made is self-sustaining in that way. His Seer insights might account for how he has the knowledge necessary to write it. However, his leaving out Victor and Pinocchio’s stories doesn’t make much sense if that were the case. Furthermore, he’s never claimed credit, and didn’t recognize it as his own handiwork in the past. Also, it would be kind of a letdown, mystery-wise, if the author just turned out to be Rumple this season. Status: Unlikely.

3) The Blue Fairy. Now this theory is heavily colored by my suspicions that Blue’s shadiness makes her secretly the Final Boss, but it does seem valid to me. As the extremely powerful fairy that she is, she could possess the capability to watch the events unfolding (I’ve noted before how shady it is that she never interfered), and thus acquire the knowledge of the stories. However that would only apply in the EF, which is possibly why Victor’s story is not included. The omission of August could be related to foreknowledge of the part he would play in our world, which included altering the book to help get Emma’s attention. (I’ve long thought Blue had her memories and was directing his actions.) The lack of focus on Rumple is interesting but not really explained. Blue has the magic necessary to place whatever spells keep the book self-sustaining, as well as possibly tie it to the curse/remembering. She has shown an interest in Snow in the past, and while that might have just been related to her role in the first DC coming to fruition, it’s also possible there were other reasons. Her reveal as the author of the book would probably be a surprise to most viewers, thus making it worthy of the mystery. Status: Possible. 

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that the author of the book is a character to whom we have yet to be introduced. Maybe even something related to 4B - for example, the Muses might lead into a plot with Greco-Roman mythology. However, I think that seems unlikely. Because it is so closely tied to the first curse, the book’s author should be someone who was here from the beginning.

There’s also a scene that’s either in the pilot or a flashback in the EF with Snowing and the Blue Fairy- when they realize Emma will have to be sent alone Snow asks how Emma will know to break the curse when she’s an adult. The Blue Fairy tells them ‘our story will be made known to her’ or something to that effect. That makes me think Blue knew about (or had a hand in writing) the book.