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you know when you fangirl so hard you just sit there flapping your arms squeaking at the computer screen and laughing like a mental hospital patient





#i can just imagine him while he was in neverland #like during his off time #’hmm i wonder how that bug looks like dissected’ #’hmm’ #*whips on glasses and lab coat* #’MEN! TO THE JUNGLE!’ #’captain…’ #’Not now Smee! We have bugs to catch! #insects to dissect!’ #’…’ #yes #headcannon accepted #killian jones pirate captain by day entomologist by night (via)

oh my god

Well we know he formulated a REALLY deadly poison while he was in Neverland, and I highly doubt he’d leave it to JUST dreamshade. This was for the Crocodile, he had to be SURE it would kill him.

He’s “surprisingly good” at research, so I don’t think science!Hook would be all that well outside the realm of canon. I bet he had volumes of notes on the Jolly Roger about the flora and fauna of Neverland.